The Minister of defence refused to return the army to the Soviet model — contractors will be half as much

The Russian defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said on Wednesday that the number of contract servicemen in the Russian Armed forces will increase in the course of the reform about one and a half times instead of 150 thousand people will serve up to 200-250 thousand. Such statement the Minister has denied media reports that Russia refuses professional army, and the Armed forces return to the Soviet model.As stated Serdyukov told reporters on Wednesday after government hour in the Federation Council, which was held behind closed doors, for the contractors, the army will be created all conditions so that they can perform their professional duties, reports RIA "Novosti".In late may, an anonymous source in the defense Ministry reported that in the army dramatically reduce the number of contract servicemen. According to the source, by July 1 at the positions among the contractors will only have specialists that determine combat readiness of military units commanders of combat vehicles, mechanics, drivers, gunners operators. The remaining positions will be occupied by civilian personnel and conscripts.The reduction in the number of contract servicemen and chief of the General Staff, army General Nikolai Makarov. The General said the defense Ministry in the formation of a contingent of contractors made a lot of mistakes, and it was therefore decided to abandon the extensive plans for the formation of a professional army. It solved the call to increase and the contractual part to reduce and "improve". Читать полностью -->

When the conspiracy conspiracy whipping

How come Satan's Kingdom, one government and one religionIlya DmitrievThe controversial book by a former British intelligence officer John Coleman the Committee of 300" was recently published in the Russian language, adding to the conspiratorial meeting horror stories on the theme of a sinister world government.From the first pages the author gorosave reader, promising revelations and the most that neither is super secrets: "During my career as a regular officer of the British intelligence I have repeatedly gained access to top secret documents which were unusually explicit. I learned that for power and controls the governments of many countries. I was so outraged that I decided to tell the world that dwells in the dark.Liberal-democratic reforms of 90th years in Russia, a former British intelligence officer painted as a process of involvement of the Russian leadership in the strategy of the "Committee of 300" giving orders personally to Boris Yeltsin.Imagine the most powerful group that knows no national boundaries, including banking, insurance, coal mining, trade, medicine, oil industry, whose members are responsible solely to the members of this group. This "Committee of 300" is the Supreme regulatory body that governs the world since 1897. The core of that today make up the three hundred most influential people in the world".The success of the conspiracy, as it is known, is based on clever - sometimes, however, very rough and tense - pairing real, more or less well-known or at least plausible with fantastic facts alleged are highly classified circumstances. This technique successfully is the author of the "Committee of 300". Читать полностью -->

In the United States began a marathon Bible reading

21st annual marathon reading of the Bible in the U.S. Capitol began on Sunday evening reading Genesis 1:1 and will last up to 90 hours climax - read the last chapters of the Revelation on Thursday in the national Day of Prayer.Within 5 days of hundreds of believers in the Bible will gather on the West side of the U.S. Capitol to read a piece of the Bible, to listen and to pray, continuing the tradition that started the first marathon in 1990.Since the first marathon Bible reading in the U.S. Capitol this annual event serves to honor the Bible, to uphold freedom of religion and to unite different branches of Christianity around the Holy Scriptures, say the organizers.Readers came from different places of America and have different origins."Members of Congress and world-renowned Christian leaders and pastors around soldiers, nurses, teachers, schoolchildren, pensioners and other simple believers to read the Word of God," said the organizers.Marathon, one of many held in the world, above all, celebrates the national Day of Prayer USA, but already has international support, as an expression of solidarity with the Church.Marathons of reading the Bible are held in such countries as Canada, England, France, Germany, India, Holland, Hungary, Mexico, Nigeria, New Zealand, Peru, Sweden, and Russia. They are also held throughout the U.S. in urban gardens, rural houses and main buildings of the States.This year the marathon Bible reading will be held in many States and rural areas in connection with the National Day of prayer, according to the International Bible Reading Association (IBRA), which supports the idea of reading the Bible.The organisers also made it possible for those wishing to participate in this event via broadcast on the web site.Immediately after the closing ceremony of the marathon will be held hour prayer vigil, sponsored by the National Day of Prayer.The closing ceremony will begin at 11:30 on Thursday.Source: РЎNL-NEWSWhen quoting or using any material on the hyperlink mandatorywww. Читать полностью -->

Policy and nothing personal

Annual report of the U.S. state Department has described Russia as an almost democratic country with a growing Christian religiosityRoman LunkinReports of the U.S. state Department never fully reflect the real picture of the status of religious freedom in Russia. The reports, of which only a very small part is translated into Russian, almost no one reads, except for specialists. But the Foreign Ministry employees, the DECR and the "Union of Orthodox citizens", a different kind of "patriots and statesmen" every time rapidly respond and give resistance to overseas concerns about our freedom. In addition, many well-known experts in Russia, intellectuals, even the representatives of persecuted faiths do not participate in the drafting of the report, which is utilitarian in nature. Читать полностью -->

Disposal with bonus

In 19 regions of Russia in the new year it will be possible to exchange old cars for newAlexander SkripovThe Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation approved a pilot project for the recycling of cars in 2010. The implementation will start from January 1, 2010 in different regions. The project to promote the acquisition of new vehicles instead of retired old is designed for exactly one year.As pilot sites for the project selected by the Ministry Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, Kaliningrad region, Krasnodar territory, Rostov region, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Kaluga and Nizhny Novgorod region, Bashkortostan and Tatarstan, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions, as well as the Novosibirsk region, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Primorsky Krai, the Republic of Udmurtia.The main criteria for the selection of regions became the fleet size in the region - not less than two percent of Russia's - and the high concentration of automotive business.The project is expected to take to the recycling of cars older than 10 years of domestic and import production, which is registered to the last owner not less than one year. Upon delivery of the car to the scrap, the customer will receive the certificate on 50 thousand roubles which can be used for the purchase of a new car of domestic production or foreign cars produced in the Russian car factories.- One of the most acute problems of the Russian car market remains the average age of used motor vehicles: about 50 per cent of the fleet older than 10 years, " explains the Director of the Department of automotive industry and agricultural engineering of the Ministry of industry and trade Alexey Rakhmanov. - Launch of a "pilot project" will allow, on the one hand, to support the company and to stimulate the renewal of its fleet.Their interest in the project of recycling of old cars is, even in regions where there are no plants producing cars.- First of all it is beneficial for our citizens, - has told to the correspondent "RG" specialist of the Ministry of industry and natural resources of the Chelyabinsk area Evgenie Yeliseyev. Читать полностью -->

Russian officials are waiting for the Network

Mikhail VasilyevFacts:President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev offers school magazine and diary of a schoolboy to make electronic. "Here's what we'll do: paper form journal and diary to remove will not, and obliged to the duties of schools in parallel (to enter) these electronic documents. Anyway, the magazine accurately you can type," - said Medvedev at session of Presidium of the state Council. According to the President, this will contribute to the training of those teachers who are afraid of computersPresident Dmitry Medvedev proposed compulsory to check civil servants on computer literacy in their assessment and stated that electronic document management between authorities should become a reality by 2010. Speaking at a meeting held Thursday at the Petrozavodsk state Council Presidium meeting, he noted that although Russia is not among the leaders in the technological development of information and communication technologies, it has all the prerequisites to make a breakthrough in this area, reports RIA "Novosti"."I will not speak platitudes. It is obvious that in the XXI century the main emphasis is on the development of information technologies. Читать полностью -->

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